In this post, I will show you some of my best practises for formatting tables in R Markdown. We will cover How to generally format tables (font, size, color... ) How to create tables with conditional formating (e.g. coloring values < 0 red) The basics: the R package kableExtra kableExtra is an awesome package that allows you to format and style your tables. It works similar to ggplot2: You create a base table and then add formating layers with the pipe operator %>%.

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I write this blogpost for someone, who has never worked with R Markdown. After you read this post, you will understand why R Markdown may be useful for your daily work as a student, researcher, analyst or data scientist. understand the basic structure of an R Markdown document and how you can get startet. I strongly encourage everybody working with R to use R Markdown. I promise, it will make your life so much easier.

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Heike Maria (PhD)

Data Science @MOIA working on the future of mobility, previously Data Science at @Xing on recommender systems and search